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Youth Development and Leadership Program

Education is the most powerful weapon of youth. With it, they could lead their country towards progress. Unfortunately, quality and skill-based education is still a dream for our youth, especially for the poor.

Globally, out of a population of 1273 million, 68 million youth is unemployed whereas only 30.96% of youth in Pakistan.

BRIC Pakistan under the Program of Empowering Noujawan (PEN), is building capacities of youth to eradicate poverty, promote peace, link them to the job market, and develop capacities through various training and development interventions. PEN through its various projects of vocational skill development, internship programs, capacity building, mentoring and counseling, advocacy, and awareness are contributing to the growth and development of the youth and contributing to Pillar I, II, III, and V of the Pakistan Vision 2025.

Capacity Building workshops
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Vocational Training Centers
Human Rights Awareness Sessions
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Advocacy Campaign
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Labor Laws and Rights Sessions
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