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Primary Healthcare Program

The health care team organizes meetings in labor camps, villages and literacy centers to motivate people about maternal and child health. The BRIC Medical Team also arranges health seminars for where experts give awareness about Covid-19, Mental Health, Polio Vaccination, T.B, Hepatitis, Dengue Fever, and planned parenthood. BRIC Pakistan organizes free medical camps and a mobile health clinic for brick workers, where medical examinations and medicines are provided free of cost.

As with most of the world, the population of Pakistan has been steadily growing since its independence in 1947. In1994 it was 126 million, in 2009 it increased to 180.5 million, as of 2017 it has reached a staggering 121.5 million. This increase in population makes Paki-stan one of the most populous countries in the world. If the population growth continues at the present rate it is estimated that Pakistan will become the third most populous country in the world by 2050. This fact in itself is alarming beyond measure.
There are many factors to be considered while discussing Pakistan’s current economic scenario and its very unenviable situation in the world. Like the forever increasing foreign debts and the turbulent political situation, population increase is also a major concern. The increase in population gives rise to many foreseeable worrying circumstances. Developing countries like Pakistan are plagued with more problems than they can handle. One of the major issues is health care. Pakistan for one is simply not equipped with enough infrastructure, health care professionals, or equipment to deal with its health issues. The numbers are terrifying. The maternal mortality ratio is a chilling 52%. The saddest part is that 80% of these deaths are preventable if only there are enough skilled resources.

BRIC has taken it upon itself to educate the underprivileged about the perils of the increasing population and what they can do to help prevent it. It sends teams to rural areas to spread awareness about the benefits of family planning. These information sessions held by professionals also include talks about general healthcare of men and women alike. Also provides information on the look-after of mothers and newborns. BRIC has arranged 120 sessions and the count of attendees was 3968 up until December 2016.

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