About BRIC

    BRIC- Backwards’ Rehabilitation & Improvement Commission is a nonprofit organization. It was founded in 1997 by a group of like-minded individuals. Their common history being they were all former impoverished slave kids who one way or the other managed to get themselves educated. BRIC’s main objective is refining the quality of life of those oppressed, deprived, and exploited in the community. The ones who lay below the poverty line and are more often than not, forced into slavery by those at advantage.The organization strongly adheres to the principle of equality, foremost in education and health amenities. Furthermore, this egalitarianism once achieved help in rehabilitation, development, and welfare of the masses. Which in turn plays a vital role in the progress of the country.

    BRIC Pakistan functions from Lahore, the second-largest city of Pakistan additionally it has ongoing welfare projects all over the country. The first regular office was set up in the year 2000. BRIC was registered under Societies Registration Act-1860 in 2003 and it was duly recognized and approved by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Government of Paki-stan in 2007.

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    BRIC not only facilitates the infrastructure of the schools but also provides quality education free of cost. 


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